US comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld has been roasted online after telling New Yorkers to chin up and persist through the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing economic crisis, in an opinion piece published by the New York Times.

Seinfeld penned Monday’s concise op-ed as a response to the coronavirus-themed essay “NYC is dead forever. Here’s why,” written by former hedge-fund manager and comedy club owner James Altucher.

In his article, Seinfeld argues that, despite the ongoing job and economic crises, plus the Covid-19 pandemic. New York City will “bounce back.” He goes on to proclaim that “the real, tough New Yorkers” would understand this.

“This stupid virus will give up eventually. The same way you have,” the comedian wrote, addressing Altucher. “See you at the club,” he concluded.

Seinfeld’s words did not seem to resonate with many of the readers, though. Twitter users mostly pointed out the irony of one of the world’s richest comedians telling New Yorkers to toughen up in the face of unprecedented crises.

His critics suggested that, since Seinfeld has an “insane amount of money,” his take on the state of the city may not be applicable to regular people’s lives.

I like Seinfeld, but he’s wrong. Having an insane amount of money makes it easy to simulate the NYC of the past (or of fiction), especially in TriBeCa or uptown. When you work like a dog to afford your tiny, shitty walk-up, it’s another story.

Jerry Seinfeld telling New Yorkers this or that about New York not going nowhere meanwhile whole 3 story building he owns just to park his vehicles (Porsche’s) keep listening to hews with money and be more depressed about yourself. 🧢

lol Jerry Seinfeld rolling around in Seinfeld and Bee Movie royalty money like scrooge mcduck going “the economy is fine guys”

Some commentators took their issues with the comedian more personally, saying that he must have “an ego problem” to make such grand assumptions about New York as a whole.

Seinfeld…an over rated comedian with an ego problem.

At the same time, there were those who thought Seinfeld “nailed it” and said that, like him, they can’t take seriously the “idea of NYC falling apart.”

Seinfeld NAILS IT:There’s some other stupid thing in the article about “bandwidth” and how New York is over because everybody will “remote everything.” Guess what: Everyone hates to do this. Everyone. Hates.

There is something strange about the earnest excitement for Seinfeld’s op-ed I can’t quite put my finger on. But I think it’s mostly surprise that so many people were really taking the idea of NYC falling apart seriously.

So far, Covid-19 has led to over 23,000 deaths in New York City alone. During the subsequent economic crisis, millions of Americans have found themselves out of a job, evicted, or both.

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