It is unsafe to play matches every other day in order to get the League played, think the players.

It remains to be seen if or when the ongoing superligasæson can be played. The organization of division working with different scenarios, but the uncertainty about the coronakrisens length creates great uncertainty.

That has been talked about, that kampprogrammet can be so compressed, that the teams should be in action every other day to get completed by the end of the season before the next season’s start.

But it should not do, says Thomas Lindrup, president of Spillerforeningen, for TV3 Sport.

– If one takes the starting point in the premier League, where there are 12 games to go, so you can do it in 25 days if you play every other day, saith the Lindrup.

– But it would be physically unsafe for the players to put them into such a program in relation to injuries and everything else.

He makes it clear that the players ‘ position is that such a compressed program should not be implemented, but that they are also aware that there is an extraordinary situation.

the Players also know that there must be some compromises to get into the goal and across the coronatid. And so it may well be, that must be played every third or fourth day, says Thomas Lindrup.

the remaining two rounds of the base game in the 3F League and ten games in mesterskabsspillet, where gold, silver and bronze final will be placed.

in Addition, nedrykningsspillet be determined in parallel.