The Belgian spelersvakbond Sporta, is currently engaged in the search for a collective solution to the wages and salaries paid to players now, the competition in Belgium, have been suspended as a result of the coronacrisis. “We hope that within four or five days, a concrete plan to be able to present, ‘ explained the manager, Sébastien Stassin, from.

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Cercle Brugge and Waasland-Beveren will be placed for their players and staff, in the meantime, in unemployment, and Anderlecht did the same thing with some of the staff, and asked to make a financial gesture to the players. The Standard, for his part, was informed on march 24 that “a large majority of the player base” to pay substantial salary reduction, will be, had to be accepted, as long as the competition is at rest. The seven players, would be the proposal of Liège, board of management, however, refused, and were at the club at the technical level of unemployment. This decision was Sporta “incomprehensible”. “How is it possible that a portion of the player base is technically unemployed, it is stated, as for the other players to be included?”, says Stassin. “They are exercising the same function.”

“It’s legal, you players are currently on the unemployment rate to be set”, added the ex-defender of RWDM, and the Cercle Brugge. “The question is whether it is morally appropriate. I don’t think so. We need to keep the spelersvakbond to an agreement to find a player that can play. All of the players in the Jupiler Pro League, have united. We need the club to do so. Now we come to the site to ensure all measures are on a single line. It has been in daily contact with the players from 1A and 1B. We are hoping this week to have a proposal this year.”

if you are a Standard a part of the field of technical unemployment are taken (Photo: BELGA < / P> Global composition, hurdle

as Stassin said, the points of view of both the clubs, the players, the audience, to understand it. “Therefore, it should be possible to find a solution that everyone can accept. You should take the things in context. It is true that some of the players make a lot of money. The average salary for players in Belgium for a year, up to 300,000 euros gross. However, this also means that there are players that have less than 100,000 euros (gross) per year, to earn money. With unemployment problems.”

“A global agreement is the most difficult part, because at this point no one knows if and when it is, the competition can start again, ‘ explained Marc Leroy, a national officer for Sporta, however. The Board of Directors of the Pro League early last week in the Jupiler Pro League, all the way to stop it. On the 15th of april, you can make the decision to be approved by the General Meeting of shareholders.

“Why, no one knows, currently just what to do,” continued Leroy. “And then there’s the looming threat of the union for Belgian clubs from European football for a halt to the competition. In any case, the need for every decision to be supported by both the players and the clubs.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> FIFA working group focuses on the collective agreements in place for the players and the clubs:

the working group of The Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA, the solutions will need to search for the problematic consequences of the coronacrisis in the game, has guidelines, be ready with regard to salarisvermindering for the players and the coaches, who were unemployed at the time of the end, according to a confidential report by the working group that the press agency Belga was able to refer to it.

In many countries, there is currently a separate discussion on the issue of temporary salarisverminderingen for the players and the coaches, with substantial differences in reductions as a result of which, in exceptional cases, up to eighty-five percent will dare to go. The Clubs enable the use of the social security system in countries where this is possible. For example, the Belgian first graders Waasland-Beveren and Cercle Bruges are all of their players, coaches and administrators in unemployment and the expectation is that there will be clubs that are sure to follow. The board of directors of the Pro League, decided last week, after all, unanimously, have a line to draw under it to the season, a decision that has yet to be ratified by the general shareholders ‘ meeting, in which the 24 professional clubs have the right to vote.

To keep up with the different agreements and the possible symptoms, the the FIFA working group are the first guidelines to be ready, although still have to be approved by the Bureau of the FIFA Council is the ultimate decision-making body within the Wereldvoetbalbond. “When it comes to the enforceability of employment contracts in football, there is a need for the labour laws of the country in question is considered to be”, says the report.

“and What should be avoided is that stakeholders around the world in the same circumstances, a different treatment would be given. FIFA will be guidelines, ensuring a fair solution for the clubs and the players, as jobs, as far as possible be protected. In order to ensure that the players and coaches, yet it is still a form of payment, proceedings can be avoided, contractstabiliteit to be insured, and clubs do not go bankrupt, due to the financial impact of the corona virus, the working group for the clubs and the employees (players and coaches) to work together in order to come to an agreement in regards to salarisvermindering for a reasonable sum, for the period of time that there is no football to be.”

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