At the end of last season, the representatives of “Spartak” almost constantly reproached arbitrators in some conspiracy against the club. The judges really took a number of important decisions not in favor of the Muscovites. The new season has begun – the story continues. At this time the distinguished referee Vasiliy Kazartsev.

Spartacus led 2:0 already at the ninth minute scored Alexander Sobolev and Jordan Larsson. Then came to the forefront of Kazartsev. In the first half he awarded a penalty in controversial moment from which Dmitri Poloz made the score 2:1. And at the last minute Kazartsev made out a violation of the rules by Samuel Gigot, although it was not even close. Surprisingly, the videoassisted none of these episodes are not signaled to the chief judge that there were no violations. Anyway, Christian Noboa with a “point” set the final score – 2:2.