Moscow in RPL was represented by four clubs – Spartak, CSKA, Lokomotiv and Dynamo. The unofficial championship of the capital, played out on the amount of matches between them. The best result was shown red and white, who scored 11 points. The second place Dynamo 8 points. And in the upper part of the table RPL CSKA and Lokomotiv scored seven points.

“Spartacus” has already responded to this message on Twitter. “Moscow – red-white! In all Moscow matches of this season “Spartak” has scored the highest score!” – stated in the message.

it is Curious that “Spartak” this is the worst of the Moscow teams in the table of Russian championship after 29 rounds. The team is in ninth place. “Dinamo” is in sixth place, CSKA on the fourth, and “the locomotive” – on the second.

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all the Moscow games this season “Spartak” has scored the highest score!