Sources the Kremlin has decided to postpone the Victory Parade

an Outbreak of coronavirus in Russia has forced the Russian authorities to go to serious measures. So, in Moscow it was decided to the may 9 Parade marking the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, order not to aggravate the situation with the number of infected COVID-19 in the capital.

a Source close to the Kremlin, told RBC that the Russian President Vladimir Putin decided not to hold a may 9 Victory Parade in Moscow due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

“On the postponement of a Victory Parade could be announced on Thursday, April 16, at the meeting of the security Council of the Russian Federation”, – said the source.

This information was confirmed by a source in the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation,he also said that the President will announce this decision before the end of the week.

it does not specify on what terms will delay the event.