MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. Enterprise “Roscosmos” Khrunichev Center and the Ministry of defence signed a contract for serial production of rockets “Angara”, in the framework of the first contract will produce four media, reported RIA Novosti a source in space rocket industry.

the Speech, according to the interlocutor of the Agency, the missile modification “Angara-A5”.

In January, the RIA Novosti source in the space rocket the industry said that Roscosmos and the defense Ministry plans to conclude the first contract for the batch production of rockets “Angara-A5” after scheduled in 2020, test launch.

In April this information was confirmed by General Director of state Corporation “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin.

during the second launch of the rocket “Angara-A5” with the upper stage “breeze-M” will put into geostationary orbit (circular orbit with altitude of 35 786 kilometers) the layout of the spacecraft.

the First launch of “Angara-A5” was implemented in December of 2014 from Plesetsk also with the removal of a dummy satellite into geostationary orbit.

“Angara” — a family of environmentally friendly rockets various classes. It includes light vehicles “Angara-1.2”, medium — “Angara-A3”, heavy “Angara-A5” upgraded “Angara-А5М”, heavy duty vehicles, “Angara-А5В”.

Soon the US will cease to depend on Russia in space.