the Russian government is discussing raising the personal income tax rate for wealthy Russians. It can grow 13 to 15 percent. To return to the discussion of this measure, officials made the consequences of coronavirus and isolation for the economy.

according to Forbes, as one of the options considered the introduction of a progressive scale of tax on income. It can raise for those whose income exceeds 2-3 million (or approximately 170-250 thousand per month).

the Question of different approaches to the taxation of individuals with different incomes was discussed back in the winter of 2020 in anticipation of the President’s address. It was considered more than 10 different variants. A finished script is now in the presidential administration and the government, and “if necessary, it can be easy to get and apply”.

Probably the additional revenues from the increased fees will not be routed to the budget. Instead, they will directly be used for payments to the poor.

meanwhile, it is noted that the Finance Ministry is against the initiative. There is supposedly believe that if the tax increase is small, additional revenues from the rate changes will not be too large, but the administration will be complex.