In the beginning, many fans and music critics compared the young singer Ariana American singer Joanna Stingray, who was the conductor of the Soviet rock in the West. The mission of the singer hit the early 2000s, “Under the Spanish sky” is a little different — the girl who was born and raised in America in a family of immigrants from Russia, wanted not so much to introduce Americans to Russian music how to conquer the Russian pop space. However, a few years after the successful launch of his career in Russia Ariana suddenly disappeared: she returned to the U.S., married and engaged in the restaurant business. This spring, Ariana reiterated herself: she released a new hit on the Russian language and gave fans hope for its comeback. Today, on the 35th birthday Ariana, SPLETNIK.RU recalls the rapid path of the artist to fame and finds out what she’s doing now.

Childhood in America and move to Russia

Ariana Grinblat was born in Texas city of Houston in a wealthy family of immigrants from Russia. On the mother’s occupation of the singer is not known, but her father Gregory Grinblat is the head offices of major foreign companies Keystone, which is engaged in manufacturing of butterfly valves for technological processes.

it Seemed that the girl’s parents from birth decided her fate: they gave her the name of Ariana, which in Greek means “gentle song.” A future star from a young age showed great interest in music: he loved to listen and sing along to songs on the radio, had a whole collection of CDs from different artists in her favorite genre rhythm and Blues, and dreamed of the big stage.
Ariana with parents

Many relatives and friends of the family said that Ariana has certain timbre colouring of voice, and she predicted a successful career singer. To ignore the talent and interest of the girl to the music couldn’t and her parents. They strongly supported her passion at a very young age gave her to learn to play the piano.

In 1992, the father of the future stars Gregory Grinblat is appointed by the head of the company Keystone in Russia. With him from Houston to Moscow and the family moved — at that time the Arians was only seven years old. In the Russian capital, the girl began to go in the Anglo-American school, where he also took lessons in Russian language.
Ariana’s father Gregory Greenblatt’s

In Russia, she left her dream of becoming a popular actress. At the age of 12 she started dancing and taking voice lessons from one of the teachers of Gnessin school. In the same period of the girl’s father introduced her to his old friend, Soviet and Russian musician and producer Matvey Anichkin by.

One ��s of the participants and creators of the rock band “Cruise” immediately saw a young Arians a lot of potential. After the chief guest heard the first demo of the girl, he immediately offered her cooperation. In the end, Matthew became a producer Ariana, and her father Gregory Grinblat played the role of her personal Manager. Bet Anichkin did on ballads about love, performed in a then absolutely unpopular in Russia, the genre of rhythm and Blues. Ariana with mom Ariana’s father Gregory Greenblatt’s

At the Zenith of fame

Soon Ariana with big dreams of conquering the Russian listener returned to his native Houston, where he continued to take lessons from one of the best in their city teachers vocal coach, she helped the girl to learn how to seamlessly sing not only in Russian, but also in English.
Ariana in childhood

Periodically, the girl returned to Russia, where together with by Matvey Anichkin continued to work hard on their first hits. In 2000, after a couple of years since the beginning of cooperation with Vladimir Anichkin, Ariana introduced her first song The Fire Was Dead, which was recorded in English. The debut was successful: Ariana immediately received airplay on music channel MTV and signed a lucrative contract with Sony Music. Matvey Anichkin and Ariana

After a successful start Anichkin and Ariana realized that now ready to conquer the Russian market. On the eve of the Catholic Christmas Ariana released her festive mini-album, Happy New Year, which includes two songs: “New year” and “Under the Spanish sky”, as well as their English version. The author of words of Russian-language songs made by the chief guest and the same English songs Ariana wrote myself.

the Song “New year” then went unnoticed on the background of the delicate and sensitive “Under the Spanish sky”, which instantly became super popular in Russia. Thanks to her Ariana included in the rotation on Russian radio, was invited to various award shows and concerts.

Many fans, listening to the song “Under the Spanish sky”, were not even aware that the singer was barely 14 years old. Later in an interview, Ariana admitted that, despite his young age, tried to feel the lyrics and Express all your emotions during the filming of the clip. The girl confessed that this task was really hard for her, because she was used to that in her native America, young people usually do not enter into a serious relationship before 18 years old.

it was Interesting to try to feel grown-up. When we shot the video for this song, I felt like I was really worried about an affair with a Spanish Caballero. Although in reality deep feelingsabout love me while a stranger, — admitted Ariana.

Aspiring singer, who conquered Russia and the countries of post-Soviet space as its lyrical hit, rapidly gaining popularity. In 2001, she received the “Golden gramophone” for the song “Under the Spanish sky” and presented it at the festival “song of the year”. After Ariana has released several remixes of this song and also presented a new hit on the Russian language under the title “You won’t regret it”.

In 2002, Ariana released his debut album titled I’ll Do It All Again, which included her most famous songs in the Russian language, and new songs and some of their English versions. Presentation of the first records produced by Matvey Anichkin, was held in Kiev. Especially fans remembered new lyrical track “First love”, the video for which was held in St. Petersburg.

After the presentation of his first album, the achievements Ariana enlarged, she was nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards as best Russian singer and for the second time became the winner of the Russian award “Golden gramophone” and “song of the year”.

Matvey Anichkin and Ariana

Ariana realized that the popularity is very fleeting, and trying to constantly improve, to gain a foothold on the Russian stage and not stay “singer one hit wonder”.

Music is a world that can’t be compared. To achieve its goal, I have a lot of work — shared Ariana in one of his earlier interviews.

In early 2003, producer Ariana Matthew Anichkin comes the idea to create a new version of the romance of the iconic rock-Opera “Juno and Avos” called “I’ll never forget.” After a long search of a musician for a duet by the singer and producer has unanimously selected longtime friend Anichkina Alexander Marshal. Cooperation Ariana and Alexander has proven successful, with this song, the singer again received the award “Golden gramophone” and “song of the year”.

Return to America and work on new hits

Collecting all sorts of awards in Russia and having graduated from the Anglo-American school in Moscow in late 2003, Ariana returned to America. In Los Angeles she begins to prepare to record a new album, this time entirely in English.

Ariana is well suited to this case: begins to takerocky acting from the best Hollywood teachers and has been vocal with Seth Riggs, who during his long career has worked with a-list celebrities — Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand and Stevie wonder.

In mid-2004, Ariana returned to Moscow, where, together with his producer Matvey Anichkin by begins work on his second Russian-language album. The result of their effort is getting a disc called “Without compromise” which included 12 songs. Special attention of listeners deserve a song from the album, “Adagio”, written to the music of Italian composer Tomaso Albinoni and the poems of Matthew Anichkina.

However, contrary to expectations, producer Ariana’s new album failed to repeat the success of the first plates and the main singer’s hit “Under the Spanish sky.” Ariana became less likely to appear in the music charts and never awarded the honorary music awards.

a few years Ariana has lived in two countries — America and Russia, periodically returning to the Russian listener with occasional concerts. Soon Ariana and completely disappeared from the radar, settled in USA and started his personal life.

Marriage and restaurant business

in the mid-2000s, Ariana began Dating the son of his producer Matthew Anichkina, Lev Grachev. The fact that the singer and heir to her producer and started an affair, it is not surprising, because his entire youth Ariana was under the wing Anichkina and was often well received in his home. These relationship affected by the fact that the parents of the lovers for many years were good friends. Ariana with her husband Lev Grachev

lion with the filing of the father also managed to try himself in music. At the time, he was the singer of the boyband “Tete-a-tete,” created by Matvey Anichkin. However, in 2001 the band split up, and Leo Grachev decided to try his hand in business.

In 2010, Ariana and Leo played a magnificent wedding. Among those invited was my best friend Ariana Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov. After the official registration of relationship the couple moved to America for permanent residence — the couple made a life in new York.
Ariana with her husband Lev Grachev Ariana with a friend Alsu

After moving to the United States Ariana has dedicated herself to her husband (the couple had no children) and began to help him in the business. In 2014 the couple together, opened in new York a restaurant called “Ariana”, which treated its guests dishes of Russian cuisine. The business proved unprofitable, so only a year after opening, the institution ceased to exist.

At the same timealso in 2013, producer and father-in-law of the singer in combination Matvey Anichkin made a loud statement that Ariana is preparing a triumphant return to the Russian scene, however, to the disappointment of fans who still nostalgically listen back to the first album of the star, that never happened.
Lev Grachev

What Ariana is doing now

In recent years, instagram Ariana stopped appearing joint photo with her husband Leo Grachev. Together they singer quite often publishes photos of travel together with a man named Bobby, who is engaged in realtor business. In the comments some members ask Ariana questions about Bobby, suggesting that he was her new boyfriend, but the singer sees no need to comment on the possible changes in his personal life. By the way, it is not excluded that Bobby is just a colleague, Ariana, and their romantic journey — in fact, nothing more than a business trip.

Ariana and Bobby

Despite the fact that Ariana has for many years did not come to Russia, it is still with great trepidation to my best friend, Alsu, photos which regularly publishes in his profile. Girlfriend is usually seen when Alsou along with his family arrives in the U.S., but the pandemic coronavirus singers have yet to meet. By the way, in one of his old interviews Oriana’s father, Gregory Grinblat, called the singer Alsu “by Ariana opposite.” According to the businessman, Alsou always aimed to work for the Western market, while arrived in Russia from America Ariana in his work, oriented more to the East. Alsu and Ariana

Ariana doesn’t forget about the main passion in his life — music. From time to time it acts institutions in new York and pleases visitors, including many Russian, his once popular hits. br>
This spring, the singer once again asserted themselves. In April she presented a new single on Russian language called “No.” Composition, as the main hit of Ariana “Under the Spanish sky”, dedicated to unrequited love. br>I promised you new music?! — announced Ariana her new song on instagram.

Many subscribers immediately plunged into memories of the early 2000s, when Ariana was at the peak of popularity, said that she has a truly magical voice, and admitted that actress very lacking in the Russian��th stage. It is not excluded that the complimentary reviews for the fans in the end will inspire Ariana to seal a great comeback and the record is the third in a row record is entirely in Russian.