the Central Bank in connection with the easing of restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus decided not to renew its recommendation on the admission cards with the banks expired, so the credit organization will cease to serve from July 1.

However, not all banks have expressed a desire to dramatically finish accepting expired cards.

“Not all the Bank’s customers withdrew their cards. Card with the expired validity period will be valid until the end of July”, – have informed in the savings Bank.

In ROSBANK said that they were extending the validity period of the cards of their customers for another month after expiry. PSB until the end of July will serve cards, the validity of which has expired in the spring.

prior To August 31 will operate the card expired at clients VTB. Credit Bank of Moscow extended the service of “plastic” before September 1, and the Bank “Building.Of the Russian Federation” and Raiffeisenbank – until the end of September.

Extend card not planning in Gazprombank, “Open”, “Tinkoff Bank” and others.