cardiologist, academician of RAS Yuri Belenkov told how to experience the so-called “weather saw” when she feels worse when there is a sudden change in the weather.

This term refers to a rapid change in temperature, humidity and pressure, which adversely affects weather-sensitive people, but also prone to problems with the cardiovascular system.

the Doctor said that it is important to take prescribed by doctors medications. For example, meteo-dependent people will help preparations-adaptogens, it can be Siberian ginseng, melatonin, maral root and Chinese Magnolia vine. He explained that melatonin, as a hormone, head of biological, circadian rhythms, will help it to move.

As Belenkov told radio Sputnik, in the heat of the tin must be covered, clothes and shoes should not be tight. He stressed that the temperature difference between outside and inside must not be more than five degrees. You need to drink more water and to prevent symptoms of overheating – headache and darkening of the eyes.

“If the street 30, and you put the conditioner on 18, is a guarantee of radiculitis, flow from the nose, cough and everything else,” said Belenkov.