Social workers and doctors of a psychoneurological boarding schools and nursing homes will receive additional city payments for three months. Monetary support will be added to the Federal grant.

As the press service of the mayor and Moscow government, a surcharge in the amount of 25 thousand rubles per month will be given to social workers engaged in domestic services and workers in institutions. In addition, 46 thousand rubles will be given to the doctors working in psycho-neurological boarding schools, nursing homes and residential care of children and families. All surcharges will be made within three months – from April 15 to July 15. They will be used in conjunction with the Federal payments.

in Addition to the Moscow standard of social work will include the ability to connect volunteers on an ongoing basis.

Just a month and a half of isolation, the townspeople left the application to get more than 370 thousand services. The most popular requests were: purchase and home delivery of drugs (more than 134 thousand applications), purchase and home delivery of products (more than 97 thousand applications) and processing of payments during the period of isolation (more than 83 thousand applications).