the opening of the construction 12 may be allowed to return to work part of the migrants. Many of them spent eighteen months on water and bread, ready to work for food and a bunk in the barracks. To return home visitors do not want at home, they do not wait, and work there. And the competition in Moscow and the regions are huge. Employers are well aware of the situation and unable to use it, warn our experts. “Entrepreneurs, whose incomes have fallen, will save on the migrants to take them for food, “throw”. The situation can become very complex,” predicts analyst Ilya Graschenkov.

— According to preliminary data, was able to leave not more than 15% of the total number of migrants, mainly citizens of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova. But the immigrants from Central Asia — almost all gone. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are leaders in the number of labor provided by Russia, Those who did not go to his home, on construction sites, of course, will return, — says General Director of the Center for the development of regional policy Ilya Graschenkov. But now they are sandwiched between the street and any work, are actually affected rights. Many people are afraid to speak out of turn and is ready to work for the rights of slaves for shelter and food, hoping that after the lifting of the quarantine, the economy will normalize and they will be able to find a normal job. To return home many of them don’t, because at home they are not welcome, and work there. Therefore the builders whose incomes fell, will save on the migrants to take them to the construction site for food, “throw”, to save on their accommodation, etc. the Situation can become very complex. It is possible that if someone will go overboard and will apply to work as real slaves, this can cause a riot.

– As in the construction monitor compliance with sanitary-epidemiological norms? How to be a work aid for suspected coronavirus or the detection of coronavirus?

— I Think that in any way — responsible Ilya Graschenkov. — Knowing our building, where many workers suffer from TB, other diseases, coronavirus, is for them nothing more than a seasonal flu. Who should — have been ill. Of course, some visibility will create — for example, all dressed in masks, give the gloves, but it will be pure fiction, everyone knows that the construction of these rules not be respected. Of course, you can measure the temperature, to isolate the sick, it is quite a feasible task, but in General our construction sites as were objects with a special atmosphere of sloppiness, so they remain. Although there is construction, which employ North Koreans, so there is always order and discipline, all in masks and white shirts. But these objects are found mainly in the far East, Primorye, Kamchatka.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “BEST new Building” IRI��and Dobrokhotova says exactly how employers should act according to the instructions: “to equip sanitary posts, which primarily will produce a temperature measurement, since this is the first external factor that health is not fine. Further, according to the General instructions: when the first suspected SARS needed to call an ambulance, which will take people to the reception center — there is a need to conduct a CT scan, to make the necessary tests, to issue the sick list. Probably, to organize sanitary items on construction sites to track the status of the health of workers, and the time for it.”

– how Many playgrounds will reopen?

— Most large companies will be able to return to work within 1-3 days, — says Irina Dobrokhotova. —.In addition, the company must send a notice of beginning of works in the Glavgosstroynadzor. Developers shall make every effort to begin construction as soon as possible to enter the chart.

what About the losses for downtime of the epidemic can be said? Whether restored the pace of construction or because of the technological features of the projects are going to happen a month later?

— the Volume of the Moscow market of construction — about 300 billion rubles a month, which is about 20-25 billion per month is lost in simple, — says Ilya Graschenkov. — Of course, in recent years, and the markets are falling and purchasing power is reduced, and as a result the rate will be restored (especially in the public sector), and somewhere in the construction will rise. This is especially true of commercial buildings, where investments are undertaken at the expense of attracted loans and construction volumes, a set of objects in Moscow, Moscow suburbs, etc. you Can expect a series of bankruptcies, the failure of delivery on time. As for where financing is all right, I think there’s a simple per month will try to compensate the accelerated pace and pass not later than with a delay of 2-3 weeks.

— so far, from our partners-developers of postponements I said no, — answers Irina Dobrokhotova. All I hope to quickly get in a regular schedule and catch up without loss of time. Although, of course, losses in the construction will: have to pay and simple equipment, and staff salaries, and the protection of the object.

“On the average, from the month of downtime in Moscow, the developer loses about 100 million rubles, — says the head of analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev. But now, many claim that a delay of four weeks will not lead to failure of terms of construction and all facilities will be built in the designated time. That is, the construction is resumed on the most ambitious and critically important for the capital object��H. let me Remind you that on may 6 in Moscow restored on 180 sites Is a basically a road junction, the objects of social values that are built in the framework of the investment program from the capital budget. Started work on homes built under the program of renovation. To ensure the safety of workers and prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the builders are working in masks, in a reduced composition of brigades”.

Who will resume the following? Irina Dobrokhotova believes that in the first place, “green light” will provide retail (including shops selling construction materials): “First of all opens are the ones who will be able to equip trading rooms so that they were not going to a large number of people”.. Ilya Graschenkov sure that will soon open almost all businesses, except restaurants and cafes as well as places where it is impossible to avoid mass congestions of people: cinemas, museums, fitness centers, baths. “I’m afraid early June in Moscow will not allow them to open, while in other regions it is quite possible, — said the analyst. — The actual keeping a distance of 1.5 meter of restaurants may begin work on the summer terrace. Offices and so have been working, there is almost no problem, Putin legalized that, and so acted to quarantine. In General for a peaceful life we need to return not later than June 1, the summer months have to pass in normal mode, otherwise social tensions will peak — and then predict the behavior of people will be extremely difficult”.