SOCHI, 28 APR – RIA Novosti. The preparations for the holiday season in Sochi continues, despite the closing of coronavirus hotels and resorts, according to the city administration.

In Sochi from March 28 due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus hotels, resorts and small accommodation facilities it is forbidden to reserve a room and to occupy tourists until June 1. Kuban authorities from 31 March imposed a quarantine, assuming a complete ban on movement within the region both on foot and in transport. On April 12, the quarantine regime in the region changed to mode isolation.

According to him, the large objects of the industry continue to work on landscaping and maintenance. In summer, the resort will operate 190 beach areas, 82 of which are municipal.

Now on the beaches undergoing renovation-painting works, purchased safety equipment, and concluded contracts for the installation of surveillance cameras and alarm buttons.