LONDON, 28 APR – RIA Novosti. Nine countries submitted a joint Declaration requesting the EU on the development of a recovery plan working in the tourism sector.

on Monday the Ministers of tourism of Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria held negotiations online with the aim of developing a common position.

the Initiator of the Declaration was Spain. The text contains three main points: the establishment of uniform protocols to ensure safe crossings, attention to the specific problems of the most affected countries and territories – far away regions and Islands, and raise the necessary funds to assist companies and employees in the tourism sector.

She also noted the need to assist the airlines, “a key sector for tourism”. “The safety of movement must be guaranteed, as well as the confidence of travelers. You need to have a single and common to the countries members of the security measures at the European level that will ensure a safe and painless journey,” added Maroto.

Tourism accounts for 10 per cent of EU GDP and provides 12 percent of jobs. Last year the EU was was 562 million international arrivals.