Users of Samsung smartphones complained about the green glow of their screens. For owners of gadgets highlighted by the publication SamMobile.

Complaints of owners of smart phones of Galaxy series have been seen on forums and social networks users from the USA, Europe and India. According to the publication, a problem has been detected on the device Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, the devices of series Galaxy S9 Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Judging by the complaints, the device’s screen turned green after one of system updates.

A greenish glow appears on the display at the time when the screen brightness is set to minimum level. The journalists stressed that the good news is that the problem is not widespread. It is expected that Samsung will fix the green tint gadgets with updates in the near future, as it already has experience of dealing with such problems.

In late April, the Korean company admitted the existence of a green glow on the screens of some devices brand. Then the users of the devices of Samsung Galaxy S20 complained that the minimum brightness of the screen on the front panel displays a noticeable green tint. Visible fault was corrected through a technical update of the system.