In early June it became known that streaming service HBO Max decided to temporarily remove from its catalogue the movie “gone with the wind”, filmed on the novel by Margaret Mitchell in 1939. The film, which aired racial stereotypes and prejudices, removed from a directory on the backdrop of protests in the United States after the death of George Floyd.

the movie “gone with the wind” returned to HBO catalog Max, but now he is accompanied by a special disclaimer in which the Professor of Chicago University of cinematography Jacqueline Stewart explains the historical context of the film. In his address to the audience, Stewart tells why film is so important and relevant to a modern audience.

Viewing “Gone with the wind” can be painful, but it is important to classic Hollywood movies were available to us in its original form for viewing and further discussion. These paintings reflect the social context against which they were produced, and make the audience think about their own values and beliefs. 80 years later after the release of “Gone with the wind” this film became part of the cultural heritage of the country. It is not only a visual confirmation of the racism that flourished in Hollywood in the past, but also a work of mass culture, which directly speaks about racial inequality that is still common in society

says Jacqueline Stewart in the prologue to the film.

Professor of cinematography, said that “gone with the wind” can be a useful film for many modern viewers. She is convinced that such classic Hollywood films have much to teach modern society.

Stewart added that the film had not been edited. According to the Professor, making any changes in the original version of the picture would create a distorted view of racial discrimination:

Editing “Gone with the wind” is equivalent to the assertion that these prejudices never existed. If we want to create a more equitable and just future, we must fully accept and understand our history.