If the local beauty salon happily resumed work, have you assessed the risks and decided to make an appointment to the master, it left one big question: what to do to your hair? Since most of us were not at the stylist for at least three months, choosing the right haircut can be a problem. Some are accustomed to the long hair and just want to give them the desired shape, and the other, watching the stars, dream cut off all unnecessary. Talk about the most fashionable hairstyles this summer.

We spoke with several stylists who told, what hairstyle will be relevant in the summer. From the elongated Bob to careless curls — show the 5 most popular haircuts of the season.

Careless curls

According to the famous hair stylist Graham NASA, now is the best time to try a short cut that you always wanted.

After the quarantine, I see that girls are increasingly being resolved on a radical change of image. A longer, slightly rounded haircut looks gorgeous, and tuck it easily. If the hair themselves are curled, it is enough to apply the gel and allow them to dry naturally

he advises.

Absolute trend of summer, especially in combination with “round” shape of the haircut. Well chosen styling will make the curls neat and defined. For example, you can use the tool to enhance the curl Bouncy & Tender,

— adds Anya Kovaleva, top stylist Barber Belka and creative partner of L’oréal Professionnel.

“Regrown” Bob

This is the interpretation haircuts the Bob: a classic shape, we’re doing more extended and free. Add soft lines to allow the hair looked like they had grown a little. Great combined with accessories — caps, hats, bandanas. The ability of styling in this case is also endless.

Haircut layers

Layered haircut, medium length (just below shoulders) with natural highlights and highlights for the length plus texture styling — this trend is suitable for girls who have long wanted to experiment, but I was afraid to cut her hair.

Here you don’t have to totally remove length, but due to the layered form and the natural coloring, you can choose any packing. For inspiration, view pictures of supermodels Joan Smalls,

— said the expert.

Joan Smalls

Natural texture

Long hair without a lot of styling, as if they were in a bun, and then dismissed them, and remained light curls. Delicate flare give length Golden color and advantageous to emphasize the skin tone, regardless of tanned ��on or not. Even porcelain skin with such a painting will look healthy, radiant and as if touched by the sun.

Sara Sampaio

Bob to chin

Classic Bob parted in the middle — form, which from season to season is the most popular. Combined with the different effects in the painting, whether it is uniform dense colour (note the density of hair) or a combination of natural shades with soft transitions (for the effect of California highlighting).