the 20-year Sotskova competed in women’s figure skating in 2015. In career, she won two silver medals on the Grand Prix and was second in the final series, losing Aline Sagitova. She participated in the Olympics in 2018, but was only eighth.

In November of last year Sotskova announced a pause in his career. The athlete admitted that he tried to return to the sport, but health problems prompted her to make a decision about retirement.

“I already had health problems, emotional difficulties. I struggled with this, but understood that everything comes to an end. Unfortunately, there are factors that stronger. We had a great training camp in Kislovodsk, everything was perfect. Then my dad died, nerves started to have problems with health. And together we slowly but surely come to this decision. That is not just my decision, it was adopted together because we are one team. As we worked and accomplished something together, and took it,” said the athlete TASS.

She admitted that to announce the completion of a career she was difficult. And when I wrote a message on the social network several times wept with emotion.

“You could say it’s a fateful decision. Because another life, I did not know before. I have always been just a sport, but now I realize that I can not. Not because I don’t want or have lost faith in themselves. Just have in life are moments that do not allow to go further,” she said.