Russian two-time European champion long jumper Daria Klishina may be forced out of active competition due to the coronavirus, but she’s making sure she stays healthy as she soaks up the rays in Florida.

The 29-year-old has captured two European Indoor Championships and was the only member of the Russian track and field team to compete at the Rio Olympics in 2016, where she finished ninth.

That experience was a tough one for her, with Klishina telling Italian athletics site (via translation), “There was a lot of pressure in 2016 for everything that was happening around me, the only Russian competing in athletics. 

“Of course, this influenced my performance. However, this Olympic experience made me much stronger and more solid.”

Nothing can change our goals, we will meet again in Tokyo 2021 #tokyo2021

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The following year she competed at the IAAF World Championships in London, where she picked up a silver medal with a jump of seven meters, just five centimeters short of her lifetime best.

She was hopeful of another strong campaign in Doha two years later, but a thigh injury forced Klishina to withdraw from the 2019 IAAF World Championships and left her unable to attempt to improve on her silver-medal haul from London.

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“The most important thing now is to gradually and without any hurry prepare for the Olympic season,” she said at the time.

But now, with the coronavirus putting the athletics calendar on hold and forcing the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo to be pushed back to 2021, Klishina has even more time to get in peak condition for her return to action.

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Working out and staying entertained at home hasn’t been the easiest of tasks for Klishina, but she’s proved herself to be resourceful with her home workouts as she has made use of the things around her house to help her, including her fluffy dog. She even attempted to learn how to sing, with mixed results!

Пение, как известно, отлично снимает стресс и усталость, повышает уровень гормона радости ☺️ Решила прокачаться вместе с @dariadavidoff, пока не закончился карантин 🙂 А вы занимаетесь вокалом, и что любите петь или может только слушать?😊 ⠀ P.S. При съемках видеоролика ни одно ухо👂🏼не пострадало☺️ ⠀ As you know, singing perfectly relieves stress and fatigue, increases the level of the hormone of joy! So , until the quarantine is over I decided to improve my vocal skills with D.D 🙂 Do you like to sing, guys, and what songs are your favorite? Or may be you prefer only to listen?😊 ⠀ P.S. While shooting a video, not a single ear👂🏼was injured☺️ ⠀ #вокал #дарьядавыдова #дарьяклишина #daryaklishina #song #singing #dariadavidoff #voice #timetosaygoodbye #накарантине

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The world track and field circuit remains on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but Klishina, who has been living and training in the United States for the past seven years, has been enjoying the beautiful May sunshine at her home in Florida.

“Getting Vitamin D to strengthen my immune system,” she posted.

“It is very important, especially now.”

Getting Vitamin D to strengthen my immune system ☀️ It is very important especially now🙌🏼 ⠀ Получаю солнечный витамин для улучшения иммунитета☀️ Сейчас это очень важно 🙌 ⠀ #витаминD #vitaminD #солнечныйвитамин #vitaminsun

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The track and field starlet has her eyes on next year’s Olympics, but with the coronavirus putting everything on hold, Klishina is making sure she enjoys the sun in the meantime.

Miss you summer 🌞 Скучаю по лету 🌞 #weekend #saturday #miami #sunshine #charming

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