Spanish figure skating legend Javier Fernandez has said Evgenia Medvedeva’s mature skating leaves a more powerful impression than performances by her younger counterparts with more serious technical content.

The two-time world champion praised 20-year-old Medvedeva, noting that her programs have become more attractive and meaningful than those she performed at the start of her career.

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She is a true woman on the ice in all senses. When she started winning her titles, she was just a little girl; now, she is not,” Fernandez said.

One of the most important goals for the figure skating community is to keep mature feminine skating. It’s not an easy process,” the skater added, referring to the fact that major events have traditionally been won by teenage skaters.

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Medvedeva, who has returned to her long-time coach Eteri Tutberidze, is yet to compete this season, having struggled with a serious spinal injury which has undermined her preparations for a new year.