The premiere of the romantic Comedy is scheduled for July 10 and will be held in theaters. Thus, the picture will be one of the first for this summer, which will appear on the big screens.The film will tell about the art collector named Lucy — a girl who is going through a bad breakup with the Director of the Museum of modern art Whitney. After a falling out with Lucy still has a lot of things linking her with her ex, and she opens the “Gallery of broken hearts” in the lobby of the hotel owned by a charming stranger.Photo: East NewsРежиссером of the film was the debut of Natalie Krinsky, starring: of Dakr Montgomery, Geraldine Viswanathan, Utkarsh of Ambudkar, Sookie Waterhouse, Taylor hill and Bernadette Peters. The chair’s Executive producer, took the singer Selena Gomez.”It is very important to hear more voices of women writers and Directors— talked about premiere of Selena Gomez.— Natalie is the talent, and I’m happy to be part of her debut film. I understand the concerns of people about the return to the things we all loved to COVID-19. But I hope that everyone will listen to the recommendations of doctors and attentive to the health and safety of other spectators enjoying a film in the cinema”. Meanwhile, in the United States are gaining popularity cinema under the open sky. Half-forgotten tradition to watch a movie on the first date of machine was popular in the era of coronavirus. In addition, it became known that the network “Karo” launches cinema under the open sky in the “Vegas Crocus city”. It is designed for 100 cars.