For years, the formula 1 cars are getting heavier and heavier. With the new regulations starting in 2022, the minimum weight of the cars is a whopping 775 kilograms – of course without Fuel. For comparison: at the beginning of the Millennium, there were just 600 kilograms. Things like Halo and the complex hybrid drive, the weight, especially in the past few years, continue to rise.

we are Currently at 746 pounds, with the new regulations it is more. In an exclusive Interview with ‘’ explains Sebastian Vettel: “The cars that we have, are of the Downforce here is phenomenal. It is unbelievable how much Downforce we have and how fast are the cars in medium-fast to fast corners. But in slow corners, because you feel the weight.”

“You feel that, if you throw the car into a Chicane from one side to the other. I think the cars are too heavy”, criticised the four-time world champion and tells: “well, I wish we could get rid of quiet a bit of Downforce and make the cars easier to make. Overall, the lap times were the same, maybe even faster.”

“Halo alone ten pounds. Maybe you could build it a bit lighter, without reducing the resistance”, thinks the Ferrari-Pilot. But he also knows: “a Few pounds you can save. About other things you can talk to in my opinion. It was definitely great, as the cars still had 600 to 620 pounds. Now we have a minimum of 750.”

As Vettel in 2007, his formula 1 debut, was the minimum weight in Qualifying at 605 kilograms in race for 600 – at that time, even including Fuel. Vettel draws a comparison: “In karting, you have nearly as much Power, but what surprised you the most, is the weight in comparison to the Power. And because the Kart is so easy, you can maneuver it extremely agile.”

“In Relation to you’re very quickly. A Kart is not null Aero, therefore it is fast enough. But that is exactly what we are missing: this feeling of tinkering Around. The mass causes inertia, and the do you feel,” says Vettel. The criticism of the high weight of the cars is not new. Already for years about the ever-heavier cars.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann, Co-author: Roberto Chinchero

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