Feduk and Sasha Novikova

While many of us are just waiting for free to be able to fly to your favorite places, find some ways to spend your vacation in those countries with which air service has not yet officially opened. So, Italy has sent 26-year-old daughter of Arkady Novikov Sasha and her 28-year-old boyfriend Feduk.

For your holiday home lovers chose the island of Sardinia, which arrived together with the parents of Alexandra and her younger brother Nikita. Beloved pet of the daughter of the restaurateur also joined the number of tourists and built the company to its owners.

a couple is very active. Bored by the sea Sasha and Fyodor (the real name of the musician) spend a lot of time on the beach, learn Padborg and dive into the water.

Sasha Novikova and Feduk have been Dating for about a year and a half. Pair too often spoils fans of the joint staff and talks about their relationship. But, judging by the fact that the musician has not only met the parents of his girlfriend, but feels comfortable with them on vacation, they are more than serious. In recognition of Sasha, her father Arkady Novikov first not too happy about the news of her affair with a popular rapper, but then his opinion changed.

I told my parents today to visit us coming rapper Fyodor Feduk. And dad said, “Sasha, do you not understand? What rapper? Touring, partying… Why do you need this?”, and then he met Fyodor and understood everything, said in the show “Evening Urgant”.

fans of the couple say that they look very happy and perfectly complement each other.

Sasha Novikova mom