Sarah Lombardi (27) is preparing with your family on Easter. This is also her new boyfriend Julian buescher (26) now. The footballer seems to have already settled in. Also with Sarah Lombardi’s son, Alessio (4) understands he’s great, like Instagram stories of the two show.

The little family together want to – so the three took a trip with the bike to the corral an animal. To the delight of the small Alessio. Fun he had at Easter-craft program, selected by his mommy for him. With, of course, Julian. When painting Eggs, the three to your creativity could run free.

Julian buescher is completely in love with his Easter Bunny

Julian buescher is particularly proud of its hand-made Easter egg. He has turned it into a rabbit, with heart eyes. Full of enthusiasm, he keeps it in the camera. But Sarah, he has even more joy. Sitting in another photo on a blanket, around you paper, pens, and colorful eggs. In love, he writes to the snapshot: “My Easter Bunny.”

Also Alessios Papi Pietro Lombardi (27) is not to come up empty-handed. His son has designed a Egg, as Sarah’s Instagram-Story shows. (bsn)