Albina Itskhoki, Maria Drokova, Olga Zhuravskaya and Marina Mogilko on the new cover of Tatler

Today, we have released the July issue of the Russian magazine Tatler. While creating the publication’s editors were inspired by another documentary of Yuri Dude about successful people from Silicon valley — the southern part of the Bay area San Francisco, California, where the headquarters of many young companies and corporations, including Apple, Facebook and Google.

the creators of the new rooms Tatler wondered why in the documentary Dude we are talking exclusively about men who have achieved heights in the field of IT, and put on the cover of the Russians, who also succeeded in business in the USA. The main heroine of the July issue were our countrywomen Marina Davydova Albina Itskhoki, Maria Drokova, Marina Mogilko, Olga Zhuravskaya, Anastasia Sartan and Zhenya Kuyda, — thanks to them in Silicon valley appeared virtual friends, voice assistant stylist, and even a jazz bar.

the New cover of Tatler

Anastasia Sartan, which today among other Russian Silicon valley graced the cover of the new Tatler, is a pioneer of online retail in the mass-market segment and at the time, tried all the business formulas: from showrooms to AI-Advisor clothing. At the moment Anastasia is developing an app that promises to solve the daily dilemma of “what to wear” and “I have nothing to wear”, that is selection and ordering of wardrobe. Sartan knows the market retail from factories to warehouse and shipping, so there is no wonder why she entrusted their money to the investors of its business, the girl is hardly a theorist.

Anastasia Sartan

But it was not always so. Ten years ago her plans to transform the market seemed fancy with all “serious players”. It was then that Anastasia together with colleagues from the media company Look At Media have done Lookatmestore to attract the attention of advertisers into a new market. At the same time appeared the edition of The Village, FurFur, and later Wonderzine. Today SPLETNIK.RU proud to consider themselves part of the Redefine (up to 2019, the company was called Look At Media), and her daughter moved to Silicon valley, and deservedly landed the cover of Tatler. That’s what happens when you don’t listen to “adult expert opinion”!

Another character of the rooms, Eugenia Kuyda — in the past, odious gastrokinetic “Billboard” that turned the genre notes about the restaurant in a merciless society pages. What Jack wrote the genre of the Grand ball- her party is still remembered as Truman Capote. She was the first in Russia became interested in the romantic idea of artificial mind and became involved in designing “helper” with a human face.

Eugenia Kuyda

having Survived the death of a close friend, Roman Mazurenko, she decided to create on the basis of their designs living monument to their conversation, and eventually came up with a consulting system that says to you not as a search engine, but rather as native people. Few people so close approached to emulate human speech the app — merit Kugy in the end appreciated even the New York Times, placing the material about her project on the front page.

read More about the other heroines of the July Tatler you can see from the numbers, the purchase of which is available on several websites and in the Google Play and App Store.