At a meeting with Governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov Russians called Gopnik and weak mind. The audio communication head of the region with colleagues published in the Telegram-channel “Rise”.

The meeting, which was held in early April, discussed the methods of disinfecting public spaces. In particular, they talked about using technology that operates on the principle of the fog, and covers a large area. The panelists discussed areas where you plan to test the spray.

Artamonov suggested to do it in places of a mass congestion of people, for example, near the markets.

“That’s a terrible thing should contribute to the dispersal of people, [so they thought], "ay-ay, Oh-Oh, now we are like ticks, poison",” says the man Telegram-channel calls the Governor.

One of the interviewees, the head of the region proposed to handle the waterfront. “We have a quay hang out as Anatoly Vladimirovich call them, Gopnik” she said. Also at the meeting, called residents who do not comply with isolation, “weak mind”.

The publication “Bridge TV” in a press-service of administration of the Lipetsk region have confirmed the authenticity of the recording, but said that the Governor was taken out of context.

“From the mass of disinfectant and chemicals in the end refused in principle in favor of point processing method showed too much consumption of the solution”, — stated in the message.