however, he noticed that lawyers ‘ chambers of regions it is important to continue work aimed at the provision of benefits to lawyers at the regional level, including incentives for rental payments.

Recall that in early April, the Council of FPA called on the government to provide lawyers minimum guarantees of social protection and to extend to them the support measures provided for small and medium-sized businesses. The Ministry of justice supported the proposal of FPA of the Russian Federation on measures of state support of advocates.

in addition, the appeal to the government has written to the Association of lawyers of Russia, which asked to extend to lawyers and notaries support measures that were recently adopted. According to the Chairman of the Board of AYUR Vladimir Gruzdev, the lawyers and notaries continue to provide assistance, but faced with falling demand for paid services.

“the Bar and the notaries are systemically important institutions, qualified legal assistance, – said Vladimir Gruzdev portal Right.Ru. Notaries perform public legal functions and act on behalf of the Russian Federation. The bar participates in the state system of free legal as well as in the protection of citizens in criminal trials for the purpose of law enforcement and the court. That is why the Association of lawyers of Russia paid special attention to the necessity of state support of advocacy and notaries. Institutions of lawyers and notaries play an important role, therefore, in the current conditions it is necessary to take all measures to preserve these institutions”.

As told the President of the FCA Yury Pilipenko, the decision on this matter the government have not yet made consultations. During the Federal chamber of advocates was requested to calculate potential costs incurred by the Federal budget in the case of providing the lawyers with incentives provided for small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally tasked to study the issue of providing benefits to lawyers of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of economic development.