the Russians are ahead, because of the pandemic coronavirus restrictions have begun to buy items for Hiking and garden. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the study of the operator’s fiscal data “Platform of the CRF”.

According to the findings, sales of tourist tents in General grew by 11 percent compared to last year, and in July is 14 percent. The size of the average check decreased by five percent to 2371 of the ruble.

At the same time, the growth of sales of products for garden and construction in July was 15 percent in annual terms. The average bill for such goods surged 20 percent to 3349 rubles.

According to experts, these changes can be explained by the fact that the Russians, instead of a holiday abroad due to pandemic coronavirus choose domestic tourism and holiday vacation.

Previously, the study of the operator data “Platform CRF” showed that the Russians rushed to get married after release from quarantine. So, selling wedding gowns after the removal of the regime of self-isolation has tripled. Average check when buying a wedding dress in June was 24 650 rubles.