In the Crimea, volunteers found on the coast of the sea of the dead baby dolphins with stab wounds. As reported by “Crimean news Agency”.

he told reporters at the rehabilitation Centre for dolphins “placid sea”, the first cub of a mass stranding of harbour porpoise found in the waters of Balaklava, the second — in the settlement of the New world. On examination, the vets found both smooth linear incisions under the pectoral fins.

“the Autopsy revealed stab wounds in the chest, the blow was so strong that contributed to the development of massive bleeding in the surrounding soft tissue,” said experts, adding that to his injuries delfinato was completely healthy.

the press service of the center noted that the rugged animals began to find with the onset of the season of birth and feeding the kids the dolphins, which coincides with the fishing season in the Crimea. Therefore, the death of Delfina may be part of the sailors that caused them injuries during sampling networks.

Earlier it was reported that the tourists accidentally killed a newborn Dolphin in the wild beach of Uchkuevka, Sevastopol. Orphaned baby belobochka swam close to the shore, and the witnesses, instead of turning for help to the vets, took him on a jet ski in the open sea.