the Association of retail companies (HSE) has developed the regulations of commercial companies in case the second wave of coronavirus in Russia which will not close all non-food stores. This was stated by the Chairman of the Presidium of the organization Sergei Belyakov, reports RIA Novosti.

“If our project is approved, compliance will not be entered when the increase in the incidence of such severe restrictions on the operation of the retail, what we saw in the spring,” — said Belyakov.

According to him, regulation involves compulsory wearing of PPE by employees and buyers alike. It also assumes more frequent disinfection of carts, trucks, shelves, door handles and doors, that is, “anything you can touch,” he added.

the Third area, which is reflected in the document is working with authorities. “These are the principles for operational cooperation, where information on emerging issues quickly brought up to the law enforcement bodies, local administrations, and they, in turn, in the framework of its powers, adopt decisions precluding the abuse,” concluded Belyakov.

Informed the chief epidemiologist of the Ministry of health Nikolay Briko announced the forecast, according to which the gain distribution COVID-19 will occur in November and will continue until January.

on 1 June in Moscow has opened a non-food shops, whose work was limited due to the spread of the coronavirus. Grocery stores in quarantine was not closed.

the HSE, in addition to major food retailers (X5 Retail Group, Magnit, Lenta), also includes a network “M. Video”, “Eldorado”, “Sportmaster” etc.