the Muscovites are going on vacation in June. As reported by “Kommersant FM” in the service the most popular destination among the residents of Moscow became Simferopol: this year it chose 30% more travelers than in the past. In the second place, Sochi, Anapa, then he goes.

is There still free tickets? And how much will cost the vacation to Russia? After the may holidays, the aviation market began timidly to life, said the head of public relations Natalia Anisimova. According to her, the carriers not to raise rates: “the travelers have an interest in booking tickets. It happened immediately after the may holidays.

as of may 22, open 365 flights from almost 5 thousand flights to Russia that were available before the start of the coronavirus era at the beginning of March.

In General, the average bill in June in comparison with last year practically has not changed. We are even seeing the decline in average prices of 2% compared to last year.

That is the journey in the first month of summer will be much more expensive than last year.

From may 23 in the Krasnodar region begins the second phase of the removal of restrictions. Earn hairdressers, car dealerships, and small non-food shops. And on June 1 in the region may open the first sanatorium with medical licenses. This Vladimir Putin told the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev. The President in the answer has advised not to hurry and to discuss the possible opening of the tourist season with the main sanitary doctor. In the Crimea in the coming days plans to determine the date for the opening of the tourist season. The Russian Union of travel industry believe that it will not happen before the end of June. “Kommersant FM” contacted the owners of apartments in the South of Russia and found out there is a demand for rentals this summer.

Judging by the sites with ads, apartment or Studio in Sochi will cost the tenant in the 1.5−2 thousand rubles a day. Although if you book an accommodation now and make a Deposit, the interlocutors “Kommersant FM” was ready to make up to 30% discount. What about hotels and resorts? The President of the Russian hotel Association Gennady Lamshin says opens not all:

“Requirements of Rospotrebnadzor resort areas and health resort enterprises most severe, and such that a lot of sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels have a lot to do. And some even can not open. Not all will be filled as we would like. There is little that the South should come with a statement, made not more than two days before departure to the resort, before the accommodation was allowed one person in the room.

Now softened: if it’s family, it is possible to settle on two-four person in the room, which in General, easier.

slumped distribution or did not go inwhatever people are afraid of.

of course There are hotheads who will go, but there is not very much. Hoteliers, of course, will not raise prices, because otherwise people will not go or there will be a lot less. In addition, it can lead to losses. And the money from the hotel business and so there is — all that was ended in March. Maybe a “safety cushion” is left only at large hotels.

However, as they say in Russian hotel Association, hoteliers are very afraid not to compete with the private sector. To them probably will not apply stringent requirements for safety, say market participants. And by the fall, said market participants expect a wave of bankruptcies. This is especially true of small and indebted hotels.

Vladimir Sokolov.