the Employees of the second operative regiment of GU MVD in Moscow was forbidden to come to work without PPE. About it reports the edition Baza in his Telegram channel.

Now the police, who do not wear a mask and gloves, will be fined. Also, the police were forbidden to travel in overcrowded buses and the service to go to the checkpoint without masks. Compliance with the rules will follow a special “group commit,” says Baza.

the Increased precautions related to outbreak of coronavirus among the soldiers who accompanied the ambulance on the visits to the sick. At the beginning of the epidemic the police are not given any protection, causing the disease quickly spread among the personnel.

Earlier it was reported that the police Department “southern” in the city of Miass, Chelyabinsk region closed for quarantine due to the coronavirus. All units are on lockdown to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. See their experts medical-sanitary unit of the Ministry of interior.