to Discuss personal life on the discussion forums in the Network are more likely women, but, on supervision of psychologists, the shift to remote work changed everything. Married women are free from their own “udalenka” and “remote” time working with children, and the Network began to “hang” less. That suggests that the real presence of husbands and kids are more important to them. But with married men the opposite is true: with the introduction of self-isolation in the “themes” more of them. Quarantine has made adjustments in the rhetoric of men “network confessionals”.

after Wandering around considerably revived Chatham “married couple” trapped in four walls with their dates, the correspondent of “MK” has learned, as have changed their problem in the “era of coronavirus”.

Comparing the most popular topics for discussion in women’s and men’s network “the confessional” before and after the emergence of the threat of coronavirus, psychologists have found significant changes.

The “decolonising” male chat rooms singles bragged about his numerous victories on the sexual front, and boasted that not allow itself “to trap”. And the married men complained that he had fallen under the heel, and asked the comrades of the Council, how to deal with it.

Today, girls are “actively searching” is used freed from personal visits time for the classification of past adventures. Even started on the building a special channel with obscene name, which take off a photo and description of your date with online Dating sites is those who deceived their hopes.

Married are generally reduced its “hovering” in the chat rooms. And when they hang, there is not discussing husbands, and bread – complexity of remote education of children, purchase of products, means of protection against the virus and strengthen the immune system.

Thanks to the isolation women have found a family in the full sense of the words: now all your family members all day around, and the mothers not online that expresses the opinion of the psychologist-practitioner Elena Pigolkina. – After all the house and family – an internal biological need of most women, even if they are successful at work. It’s different with men. Lost in connection with the quarantine the opportunity to “go hunting”, most men found themselves in an unusual situation. Previously, they would be alone with his family only on weekends or on vacation, besides, with the opportunity to spend time in public places, which is not now. Being in four walls with their loved ones, men “escape” to the Internet.

what is gossip “runaway” in the Network of men, what advice are asking each other today, when the whole world is scared of a pandemic?.

Dacoromania vaginanaturist

“zocoronline” the era of one of the most popular topics on the forum of an anonymous married couple was “to put the wife back?”. Within its framework they assavalis was as old as the world issues. “How to make, that the wife was calling every 15 minutes?” “She brings to the house mother-in-law, although her mother’s private apartment.” “She’s made our apartment a thoroughfare, we always stick out her friend.” “When I come home from work, it hangs the phone or the computer, or even go about his business, leaving me the children.” “She is discussing me with my mother, colleagues, friends and even our children.” “Where shall we spend the holiday, whether to go to the cottage, what to buy and what to throw away, solves only the wife. I tired to contact”. “She cooks and cleans, but does not forget to pull the money for the cleaner and expensive supermarkets”.

Those who were going to the registry office, ask for advice from more experienced colleagues:

“my Wife is still only civil, but I already howled. A year we live together, and all year my morning starts with the fact that I’m taking the wife to school. She does not care what my work schedule is such that at the time of her awakening to the first pair I slept for only 4-5 hours, which is not enough for my body. My job starts in 3 hours late, but otveta her, Dospat I already naturally do not have time. Know that when true love it is a trifle. But in life, under one roof such a small thing like the love poison! Guys, probably best to cancel the wedding before it’s too late?!”

Support “podkabluchnik” men in Networks deals with the whole organization, positioning itself as a “movement of fighters for the equality of men.” Heads the “Men’s movement” family lawyer Anton Sorvachev.

– In Russia, the “Men’s movement” (MD) began about five years ago – from the website “Antiwomen” or “Antibaby”, – says the head of the organization. – Not to be confused with “Antijamming”. That is, in our opinion, there are women and there are women. Women – good women – skandalistki. Our movement is just against those.

members of the MD of the movement advocate that the stronger sex have equal rights with the weak. They believe that in modern society man is powerless and humiliated. First women, and then the laws that protect women, and men made vulnerable not only in family relationships, but even in love. In an example of the result of the notorious harassment: today a woman can point a finger at any man and say that he molested her, and this accident will have a lot of problems. Most of the blogs members of MD differ downright revolutionary rhetoric: “Man, remember! In today’s world a woman does not belong to you! She can leave, change, take away your property and to bring any other way! Don’t be vaginaasian!”

On the forums of married men MD organized a “male advice”, where you can get advice to acquire the coveted “vaginaultimate”. Members of the MD supplying everyone instructions, video tutorials, and lalphacam on “how to bend a woman for themselves.” In discussions the community members use their own bird language for beginners attached the Glossary:

CPR divorcee with a trailer. It is recommended as the least dangerous from the point of view of trying to drive under the heel kind of woman. In the opinion of men, woman, taken “trailer” longer retains a sense of gratitude to the man.

Henpecked or heel – man, caved in under the wife – that is, giving all the finances in its hands, and splitting her time as wants half of it. Henpecked are divided into “basarabov” and “Alain”. There are also mixed types, but “Allen-babarab” for salvation, as a rule, hopeless.

Alain (Yes, with a capital “A” auth.) – henpecked, ready to close eyes to the infidelity of his beloved, if only she never left him. Allen not only turns a blind eye to the antics of his passions, but also yourself looking for excuses to them. Even if Alenu reported that saw his wife with another, he will immediately declare that it was a business meeting. Even when the wife teaches him the horns, without much ADO excuses, Alain prefers not to notice. After all, he cannot even imagine life without my baby.

Basarab – a pussy who is afraid of his wife so that keeps silent about the screams, scandals, insults and accusations out of the blue, and sometimes even assault. Some of the “bobaraba” have fallen so much that cannot even leave his wife and ask for advice on how to make sure that she left them.

In the eyes of MD henpecked all kinds of mattresses and rags, to betray the interests of their gender that “dissolve women” and “unnecessarily inflate a woman’s sense of self-importance”. In the male advice anyone can pass a special test and find out how he’s at risk for “podkabluchnichestve”. According to the test results married guy gets useful links for bloggers MD, tells how to “build” a wife.

Our wives in guns loaded

Isolation has breathed new life into men’s chat “How to force a wife to leave?”. This branch of the discussion existed before, in the framework of the fight against “vaginasebaceous” in the broad sense.

For example, in December a married Vadim, 32 years old, wrote: “I’m so tired of her endless nagging, sometimes secretly dream that she found somebody else and dumped! I’m a pervert?”

Then the appellant was to the surprise of many supporters:

“Married foolishly, was naive, and she got pregnant and my mom liked it. Before, when she was younger, had the strength to endure it, is now gone. We lived together for 9 years. It turned into a forever home kohsamui chicken, which I hate. I don’t want neither sleep nor speak, only doing this out of feelings�� debt. Want to part with it, but I can’t first to file for divorce, for many reasons. And most importantly, that she never told our 9-year-old son that his father had left him. I want she dumped me, but how to do it?! This will not ask friends or colleagues will not understand.”

“I tried to make my quit, but in the course useless. I clearly gave her to understand that change has ceased to Fund its quirks, was sleeping in a separate room, but she still just whines and drips on the brain, and the pride she’s like no! Latched on like a leech, always complaining to my parents, and they are on her side. Rather, on the side of our children. Funny, but I dream that she has got himself a lover!”.

“I took to wife a modest unspoiled provincial. Thought would take the happiness for me and our children to care for. But after 5 years got a bitch, endlessly enduring my brain and sucking money. But as I kicked out? We have a child, the law and society completely on her side. If I file it through the courts I have all the blood you will drink and no pants will leave…”.

“18 years ago I married a slim and flirtatious, now it’s fat cranky woman. But this does not change my marital debt to her! It requires not only money, but also bed, but I can’t! I honestly tried to offer her to go to the gym, in order to bring it in order, but she was lazy. She prefers to eat and me to cut. And get divorced, will remain one and the more whole soul removed. Why the man in the divorce is always the extreme?”

“I would Like to divorce, but I can’t, my dad is cool and she’s not embarrassed of me, just that, to threaten. Yes, and the parent is with prourocare. So divorce is certainly not in his life, but he was still cheerful and full of energy! Until then make do with what give a favorite for all holidays of two-week tours abroad, in which he does not food, citing work. These two-week vacations are the happiest days in all my years of marriage”.

Now, when nor abroad, neither at the resort nor elderly parents pretty not escorted, the query “How to force a wife to leave?” takes on the literal meaning and resembles the book of complaints.

“the Second week can’t meet the mistress! Tried to take my children to the country, but it is in any! And do not argue, where my elderly parents, she is afraid!”

“I never noticed what my wife nasty voice! It prevents me from working. My dream is that at least she’s in the other room is gone! But she wants to talk to me!”

“Only now I understand what my wife gryaznukha! As soon as I sat down in isolation, the house was a mess! She says she doesn’t have time to get out, a lot of “udalenka”. But at least I didn’t throw right your things and the children cleaned! The idea was to send her children to a country boarding house, but heand everything is closed, what luck!”

“My wife kind of been waiting for this time off! So many things drove me: the kitchen, mending a heap of some minor faults. To cut the brain from morning to evening, and it’s not going anywhere! Can only breathe when she starts talking on the phone or sits down to watch the show”.

“Guys, play girl TV series, and you will be happy! So I got rid of at least in the next room. Here is the link”.

Particularly resourceful married men trying to survive the solitude with his wife by… of attracting attention of other men. In the men’s associations in the popular social network called “Your favorite wife” and “Your naked wife” is also a significant recovery.

the Announcement of the group “Your favorite wife” reads: “Send us pics of your wives meet other wives and couples. To avoid confusion, be sure to specify to anonymously post material or not, by default, all the sent photos and videos are laid out anonymously! Porn and images of genitals are not published. For this there is a group of “Your naked wife””.

Below are the married men post photos of their precious half and assemble the reviews of other male users. Feedback mostly praise, which apparently warms the soul of man, brings him to the selection made.

In the group “Your naked wife” you can put your pious “Nude” to see strangers naked wives and even to pick up a lady or couple for virtual sex on Skype. A group post paid: “hook up your wife in the top of the hour – 150 RUB, hook up for a day at the top – 500 rubles.” And you still have to turn: apparently, the fun in a similar way to quarantine’t mind a pair.

unlike women, men are face to face with each other discussing one thing, but hiding behind a monitor is quite another – sums up the psychologists Elena Pigolkina. – The stronger sex is not inclined to personify their problems out of fear of appearing weak, or problematic henpecked in the first place in the eyes of other men. But they want to share, and anonymous in the Network make it much easier. Of course, now many were in an unusual situation, being hours within the four walls of their spouses. Being all day “nose to nose”, and the shortcomings more noticeable and irritation have nowhere to throw out. Harmoniously to be in solitude can only truly close, not only the body but the souls of the people. Others need the presence and opinions of others, even if virtual. Some are looking for it in the form of advice, as others in the estimation of his wife with foreign men. The good news is that prosperous in your marriage men described above Internet resources is not interested, and they will not discuss with strangers my wife even boredom in isolation.