the Exhibition will be held in the Mikhailovsky Palace, the Benois wing Stroganov Palace and the marble Palace. Such a large number of sites is due to scale: the exhibition will be presented over a thousand exhibits. And that, as they say in the Russian Museum, only a small part of all the gifts I received Museum.

In each Palace has its own theme. So, in the Mikhailovsky castle can be seen a unique collection of icons, paintings and graphics of the XVIII – first half of XIX century. In particular, will feature the works of Kiprensky, Venetsianov, Bryullov.

In the Benois wing visitors will find paintings, drawings and sculpture of the second half of XIX – middle of XX century. The work of Kustodiev, Vereshchagin, Vrubel, Nesterov or art lovers had the opportunity many times to observe the permanent exhibition of the Russian Museum, it is located here, in the Benois wing. But the exhibition is interesting in that it presents works that are usually not present in the permanent exhibition. A lot of new names.

In the marble Palace, presents contemporary art. Donors, as they say in the Russian Museum, is now. Sometimes his works presented by the artists themselves, and sometimes collectors. In the Stroganov Palace, visitors will enjoy a rich collection of decorative arts.

the Preparation of the exhibition took more than a year, it is timed to 125 anniversary of the Russian Museum. It was assumed that the exhibition will open in the spring, but in the plans interfered with the pandemic. During the most severe restrictions in the Museum were not allowed even the employees of the Russian Museum. But as soon as you have entered the first relief, began installation of the exhibition. Place it managed to truly shock time.

In the Russian Museum note that a single ticket to the exhibition, all four Palace. But visitors can buy a three day ticket on it for three days you can visit all the buildings of the Museum without restrictions. In principle, this is the most sensible option: the scale of the exhibition is such that to see one day all exposure is virtually impossible.

the Exhibition will run until November 14.