Russian logistics wins coronavirus

According to the monitoring of food stocks in the don capital will last at least seven to eight weeks in advance. The long-term storage products such as cereals, pasta, sugar and flour, the inhabitants of the region are provided in 30-45 days, the vegetables (with the features of stable) – 10-20 days. Commodity stocks are replenished daily.

So, for example, the North Caucasus logistics enterprise, founded in 1976 as the largest in the South warehouse distribution center of consumer cooperation, continues in these days to provide a full range of logistics services to major international, national and local companies.

Today, the company has created a truly standard measure of employee safety. All inputs and outputs are provided with individual masks, disposable gloves and antiviral chemotherapy. In necessary places organized “health corners” to work as often as you can use them, without detracting from the work. A special place for dinners, the constant medical control at the highest level, and more – that we all worked!

And while the other thinking about how to turn employees payments here decided on an unprecedented step – from April 1, all 135 employees got a raise.

– Now people need a sense of stability, – says CEO Victor Helin. – Stop work we can’t. But I can take care of the safety of the employees and give them confidence in the future.


“the Russian newspaper” has decided to support the employees of the logistics industry who are dedicated to this period. The first agreement – with the North Caucasus logistics enterprise. 50 copies of the newspaper twice a week will be delivered on a “checkpoint” of the enterprise by the Rostov branch of “RG”. The workers and the company’s management has expressed gratitude to the newspaper for support. And the editorial Board hopes that after returning to the usual rhythm of life our partnership will be expanded.

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