Farmers will help to establish the online trade

“we Believe it is necessary to provide banks with a right in the framework of the resolution 1528 (“On crediting of agricultural producers at a discounted rate” – approx. Ed.) to roll over the payments for the period of a pandemic – yet we assume until the end of 2020. We with this proposal appealed to the government, now it is considered,” said Lute.

In her opinion, this measure would be very effective because the agricultural industry is quite leveraged, and such a delay will play an important role in keeping the business small businesses. In the current situation with the pandemic and a decrease in the purchasing power of the small agribusiness suffered as APK more, said the Deputy Minister. Farmers are losing channels because of low participation in organized trade.

“Before they realized the products on the markets, fairs, through mobile point of sale. Now, given that in many regions the markets are closed or working irregularly, small businesses are faced with significant limitations,” she said.

Oksana Lute noted that currently already includes support for mobile Commerce, in particular, subsidies to cooperatives for the purchase of refrigeration equipment for shops. In addition, now the agriculture Ministry is ready to consider additional measures of support for the organization online and mobile Commerce for farmers.