Set the lifetime of residential buildings in Russia. A proposal to create a new standard for approval a method of assessing the condition of buildings, consumers Union appealed to the Ministry of construction of Russia.

“the New standard will help to see the real picture at the stages of examination, project approval, and also acceptance houses. After which data should become available to consumers,” citing a document, write “news”.

Experts say that prefabricated houses building buildings for 50 years , they are not subject to reconstruction. The lifespan of a brick five-story building of the same years the building is 100 years provided them in a timely overhaul. Built before 1980 panel and block of flats without reconstruction will last a hundred years, after which they must be demolished. Prefabricated houses, built before 1998, are also not subject to reconstruction and needs to be dismantled in 2070-2105 years.

Previously, “the Russian newspaper” already wrote about that in the rules of eviction from dilapidated houses are prepared with important amendments. Task is to help regions to get rid of the old buildings. Another innovation will concern the quality of houses built. A situation where a residential building is growing on a rotten infrastructure are unacceptable. The Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services in this direction will work in conjunction with the Ministry of construction.