Maxim received in the University after school, intensive care room in Covina office was his first job. As it was, Maxim Gromov told the “Russian newspaper”.

Maxim, why did you decide to go to work in kovideo Department?

Maxim Gromov: To us, the students, were asked to help. I was supposed to go in the “green zone” Saint-Petersburg research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology, which created the office for davidnyc patients, and will work with the documentation. But then it became clear: to open office, not enough staff for the “red zone”. And I decided to help.

Yes, I tried to dissuade relatives. But I made a decision, and he did not retreat. Thought: I am young and healthy, even if infected, nothing to worry about. And my family lived separately from me, in the country, and I wouldn’t have brought the virus home. So a month and a half and worked as a nurse. Doctor take only those who have a diploma.

memorable Than the first day “on cowhide”?

Maksim Gromov: the Branch just opened, and immediately the patients received forty people. There was a feeling that we were on some military action.

And it was very unusual to be in a protective suit. It is not in the suit, and that glasses keep fogging up, you can’t see. Hard to breathe in the respirator. Hands – two pairs of gloves, and when doing injections three! It is extremely difficult in such gloves to handle syringes and other medical supplies. The sensitivity of the fingers is lost. Approximately I represent, what should the nurse, but really the experience I had.

it was Terrible. But not because of fear to catch. Fear to do something wrong, you can’t. With this fear the first time I went to work. Had to overcome themselves.

what, in your opinion, the difference davidnyc offices from others? It is clear that nurses in protective suits. This is unusual.

Maksim Gromov: by the Way, jumpsuits and we’ve adapted to communicate with patients. Name and position wrote to the costumes themselves. In the respirator – well, had to speak louder.

the Difference? Here in front of you are young people, up to forty years. Many are so hard to breathe that their beds oxygen. And the temperature is difficult to go astray. Give an antipyretic, and it is only available for a very long time. The patient is not getting better.

And resuscitation… Some patients are on a ventilator in a medically induced coma. And young was among them. You need to take care of them, hygiene, flip every few hours. I saw how sensitive and attentive to him staff, head of the Department. And now I know: even very heavy patients with such treatment – will almost certainly cope with the disease.

Knowledgecheat were the happy moments?

Maksim Gromov: I remember the feeling, when you go out after duty on the street. Without a suit, without a respirator. I see my former patients who had just checked out and waiting for them to arrive.

They don’t recognize you (you’re without a costume), you’re just passing by. But you’re so nice that you helped that they recovered. And if among them are former heavy patients – especially. You helped them to cope, together we win!

taught by a young doctor working in the Department covena?

Maksim Gromov: It’s complicated, but interesting. First of all, learn to work in a team. From coherence all depends on the end result. During an outbreak especially.

And we really saw what we can do to reduce the risk of exposure of physicians to a minimum. We were lucky to each outlet on the branch we were given a new suit. It wasn’t all clinics. Friends, students complained that somewhere one suit was given to all duty, and it had sometimes even to purchase costumes at their own expense.

What would you advise people? Because kovid went nowhere, and a possible second outbreak.

Maxim Gromov: I’ve seen that the disease is much complicated by comorbidities. First of all, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity. Need to monitor their health and to follow doctor’s orders.

And in public places need to wear masks! This overarching requirement, which is why some people are massively ignored.

the Virus is an insidious and for many it may be asymptomatic. And, not feeling sick, you can become infected with HIV, you are contagious to others! Coughing patient with a temperature under forty in transport will not meet, but asymptomatic – as much as necessary.

you Have to respect other people. And this lesson is to learn to respect others, which is taught by the pandemic, yet not all took.

If need be, you have to go back into the “red zone”?

Maksim Gromov: of Course. Work in Covina office, though very difficult, but interesting, and that is important too is well paid.

did work in the infectious disease Department at your choice of future medical specialization?

Maxim Gromov: No, in infectious disease I’m not going. Want to be a therapist, a General practitioner. Or cardiologist.

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