Already, two years before the corona virus first reared its head in China, have warned the American envoys to a research laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan. That lab was doing research into viruses in bats, but the scientists were doing so in accordance with the Americans is a very irresponsible way of working. The news of that famous newspaper, the Washington Post has been revealed, suggesting that the virus still does not fall from animals to humans, but it is definitely out of the lab from him.

as early as January of 2018, visited several American scientists, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. (scientific institute of public health). The initiative was based on the united states embassy in Beijing, says, The Washington Post . She wanted to be in the lab to see that it is one of the most secure research facilities in the world.

There were a number of visits. Some of the scientists and the diplomats to see it had worried them so much that the embassy’s two reports to Washington, and sent, in which she warned about the methods used by the INTELLIGENCE and security services act. There are reports that, The Washington Post and I was able to read about the research conducted by the scientific institute of public health carries out coronavirussen in a body of water.

In the laboratory of Wuhan research was carried out to remove any viruses from fruit bats (Photo: eva

“That a virus may be the human being may carry, is a risk of a new SARS-like pandemic” is almost impossible in the report. “There is a shortage of well-trained engineers and researchers who are required to have a laboratory with a high capacity to safely do the work.”

“This report is a warning,” said Us scientists are now. The scientific institute of public health collaborated with the American university, and the diplomats were hoping that there was more money to be invested in the Chinese research, in order for the safety to be increased.

There were no additional American aid, in response to the two reports.

Arise on the market, or in a lab?

Wuhan Institute of Virology (Photo: Google Street view

so does this Mean that the corona virus, from the Chinese lab have escaped? Evidence for this is missing, and that the American newspaper has to say that no clear evidence can be found.

up To now, has told the Chinese authorities that the virus was created around a market in Wuhan, where they were sold. This is because scientific research has found that the corona virus came from a bat, it was up to now assumed that it is the man, but ended up as a person, as a beast, whether or not directly, at.

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according to the British scientific journal The Lancet. , were there any bats that are sold on that market. Moreover, the first group of people who have become ill from the virus, it was not even close to the market square and has been.

” The Chinese government refuses to answer questions about the origins of the world wide computer virus. In the laboratory, in Shanghai, the first genome of the new corona virus was able to capture it, it was two days later, the Chinese government closed in. Several of the physicians as well as journalists who first wrote about it, the virus will be gone.

The scientists discovered that the virus is able to attach to hoefijzervleermuizen from the caves of Yunnan, about 1,000 km over Wuhan.

It turns out it’s the place to be, where the INTELLIGENCE of its bats, which is impressive.

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