the Organizer ASO wants to be in the Tour de France will organize the 29th of August until the 20th of september, the day of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS time trial. That would have to be moved, just like in the Vuelta a españa. The UCI didn’t want to respond, but on Wednesday, along with ASO and other wielerinstanties to create a new calendar to be determined. I will be mostly of the corona virus itself, that determines whether or not all of these courses will take place.

It was the president of france, Emmanuel Macron, that Monday evening and decided that the Tour would be postponed, as at mass events until the 15th of July, did not take place. The Tour de France would be on the 27th of June, in the city. A day later, confirmed organiser, the ASO, it delays. “We’re going to be on the lookout for a new date.” Their preference seems to be, according to the French daily ” Le Dauphine from going to the september (29 August – 20 september), and this was confirmed by sources in the cycling world. Previously, August has been suggested that this may be too soon, and the organization wants to be, too, that the riders will have more time to properly prepare. Especially in terms of the French riders, who, for the time being only in the rolling train. They want to be in August, and the Criterium du Dauphine (which was on the 31st of may till the 7th of June) is organized as voorbereidingskoers. The Tour, which would fall outside the scope of the summer holidays, which will be less crowd in the streets would bring.

But what about the Vuelta? That is due to take place from 14 August to 6 september and will overlap with the Tour de france. That is, it is ruled out. The Vuelta will also be organised by the ASO, and had been know to have the date changed, if needed. In full in August, then, or in October, but we hope also the tour is on. THE UCI wants that the calendar is already extending to the middle of the month of november. Question is whether or not the government of the coronacrisis hard-hit countries, such as Italy and Spain, it is actually like to be a massaevent to be arranged. In France, the chances are certainly greater, although it remains to be seen how the disease will continue to evolve and improve. “In August and september, we are still far away, but I think the chances are small that you can have a great game with players from all over the world, all of you will be able to take place,” says the virologist is in order and Marc Van Ranst. “However, there is a lot of. If the epidemic is seriously impaired, you will also think about change, and we are going to Covid-19, normal. But I think for the next year.”

In an ideal scenario, you seem to end of the Tour, so on the 20th of september, the day of the world CHAMPIONSHIP time trial in Switzerland for Martigny. This means that it should be moved. To Wednesday, for example, in place of the mixed relay. But that’s just the first three days after the final stage. With the world CHAMPIONSHIP road race takes place on Sunday, september 27, been. The organisers are, however, still don’t, and the UCI responded to for a while yet. That about Wednesday, together with the ASO to create a new calendar will be put together.

for More on the Tour de France, Tourorganisator GSE and confirms that: “there is No Tour de France on the 27th of June,” Marca: “the Tour in August, the Vuelta a españa in september, and the Giro in October,” France will prolong this moment until the 11th of may, the Tour de France, at the earliest, mid-July, the Tour de France, will have to be postponed after a decision by the French government, the plan B is already in the table