Strict precautionary measures should apply in the environment of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In order to protect himself from corona infection, influenza, Sars and other diseases, the Kremlin boss uses strict rules.

People who come near him would have to adhere to two-week quarantine rules and undergo blood and faecal analyzes and antibody tests for Covid-19. Because neither the four vaccinations nor the relaxed corona rules are said to have changed anything about the Kremlin boss’s caution. This was the result of research by ” BBC Russia “. The medium is now banned in Russia.

Whether these precautionary measures are justified is uncertain. There have long been ambiguities about the state of health of the Russian President. The strict rules and measures of the Kremlin boss? From the point of view of the Israeli doctor, Konstantin Balonov, there are only two reasons for this: “Paranoia or a fear that is actually justified from a medical point of view,” he explains to the “BBC Russia”.

A Kazakh oil terminal has to shut down under pressure from Russia – with consequences for the EU as well. A Chechen leader tells stories about moving to Germany. According to media reports, the Russian economy is preparing for a longer war. All voices and developments on the Ukraine war in the ticker.

Due to the war of aggression in Ukraine, some units of the Russian army have been severely weakened. Instead of mobilizing soldiers in their own country, the Russian troops are now fishing in the occupied territories for able-bodied Ukrainians.

President Putin’s health is uncertain – but his precautions are rigorous. People who want to meet the Kremlin boss have to follow a number of rules to get into the “clean zone”. The measures: a two-week quarantine and a number of swabs, blood and corona tests.