Rosoboronexport has announced its willingness to supply foreign countries unique radar station 59Н6 ONES. Radar, as the General Director of Rosoboronexport Alexander Mikheev, able to “effectively detect a wide class of modern and prospective air targets, including hypersonic targets”.

Such a radar could significantly improve the intelligence capabilities of the units and defenses. In modern conditions it is important. Everyone remembers how in the early years of the American complexes of air and missile defense, raised in Saudi Arabia, are unable to protect oil facilities, the Saudis drone strikes and missiles fighting in Yemen with the Houthis.

the New Russian radar station can reliably control the medium and large height. She works in the decimeter wavelength range. In addition to hypersonic goals, efficiently detects planes, helicopters, drones and ballistic missiles. In automatic mode measures the range, azimuth and altitude of an aerial object.

the Station detects targets that fly at speeds of up to 8 thousand km/h, at ranges of up to 450 kilometers and at altitudes of up to 200 kilometers. Palenque station jammers. At the same time accompanies to thousands of objects and recognize eight classes of targets.

the Radar will warn the calculation of complex air defense about the danger of defeat anti-radar missile, including precision-guided and homing.

radar is placed on a truck chassis KAMAZ-6560. Fixed possible accommodation options.

According to Rosoboronexport, the new radar will help countries “to build its air defense system taking into account world tendencies of development of means of air attack”, including in the Asia-Pacific region, the middle East and North Africa.