On the shore of the Resort lake in Zheleznovodsk has installed a new sculpture of an eagle, which became the biggest in the region Caucasian Mineral Waters. The bronze sculpture weighs several tons, and the sweep of powerful wings than two meters.

As the head of the resort city Evgeny Moiseev, mounted the bird will be different from other sculptures to be recognizable in photographs or postcards.

– the authors of the monument have changed the line of the flap, and it will distinguish our “iron” eagle kavminvodskaya from his brethren – said Moses.

Earlier on the same place, adorned with a concrete eagle, but now the lake is a large-scale project of improvement, and time-worn, bird decided to restore and transfer to one of the city’s sanatoriums. Bronze sculpture, according to the authors of the project, will be more durable and more beautiful.

today, the region has more than a dozen large sculptures of an eagle, which more than a hundred years is a symbol of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.