The former world champion Nico Rosberg hopes formula 1 in the management of the corona of crisis, the courage to “creative solutions”. The native of Wiesbaden suggested in an Interview with the Deutsche Welle, for example, to have two races in one weekend and to the exclusion of spectators take place – and not only that.

“Maybe you can be a bit of a creative Year, and the so-called Doubleheader weekends make, it said on Saturday maybe in the a, and on Sunday, in the other direction on the race track goes,” the 34 -. Furthermore, the Champion of 2016 is sure that a race can, if necessary, also take place “with the participation of a maximum of 100 people”.

so Far, the first nine races of the season 2020 were postponed due to the Corona-pandemic or cancelled. Earliest launch is now the French Grand Prix in Le Castellet on March 28. June. This break in the Motorsport king class great financial problems.

According to Rosberg, it is now a priority to help the smaller Teams, so they exited the Business. “The biggest Problem is the financial Situation at the Moment is some of the smaller Teams, because the formula 1 circus requires the participation of all the Teams,” said the dial from Monaco: “If two or three of the smaller Teams to fail, then it is not a really great Sport, because there just is not enough Teams at the Start and not enough cars are on the grid.”