the schedule of export of flights on 8 may included a flight of “Ural airlines” Istanbul – Saint Petersburg – Moscow. In Russia, expected to return about 200 passengers. Also, the airline will deliver from tel Aviv (Israel) to Rostov-on-don and Ekaterinburg is about 100 compatriots.

On may 9 scheduled flight of airline “Aeroflot”. From Frankfurt am main (Germany) to Moscow will arrive about 100 people. On the same day, “Ural airlines” will carry out the flight Alicante (Spain) – Saint Petersburg – Moscow. Return home about 200 Russians. Also on may 9 arrival 10 may, the issue of the organization of export of the flight from Caracas (Venezuela) is in Moscow, preparing for it, the airline “Azur AAR”.

On may 11, scheduled flights from Denpasar (Indonesia) is in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Moscow. As expected, Russia will return to 400 people. On may 12, planned two flights from Vietnam. One of them, “Aeroflot” will carry out from Ho Chi Minh city to Saint Petersburg and Moscow, the other Hang Khong Viet Nam, from Hanoi to Moscow.

On may 13, the scheduled flights from Bangkok (Thailand) to Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Another flight on the same day will fulfill the airline “Nordavia” (“Smartasic”). From the Seychelles will be transported more than 150 Russians.

Goa (India) 14 may scheduled flights to Rostov-on-don or in Sochi – depending on the results of registration and later in Moscow. Expected return about 400 Russians. On may 14, worked out to export the flight from Tenerife and Barcelona (Spain). In Saint Petersburg and Moscow can be brought to about 300 people.

On may 15 scheduled flights from new York (USA) to Moscow, which will return about 300 Russians. It is also expected flights from Antalya (Turkey) to Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Arrive in Russia more than 300 compatriots.

As explained in the Federal air transport Agency, the date of the flight, the airline, the route and the number of passengers may be changed on the basis of operational data received by the Working group during the actual preparation of each flight.

Today, may 7, the airline “Aeroflot” delivered from Tokyo to Vladivostok 50 Russians and then delivered to St. Petersburg 87 people, and then to Moscow – another 123 people. Also today, from Shanghai today on the flight of “Aeroflot” in Saint-Petersburg arrived 20 people, and in Moscow – 107, said the Federal air transport Agency.

Export the flights arranged for the return of Russians to their Homeland after the closure of the international flights for pandemic coronavirus.