Romanian Authorities may recognize Russia as a hostile country due developing Russian military capabilities in the Black sea. It follows from the published draft of the national strategy of defense States in 2020-2024 years.

the Document will come into force if supported by both chambers of the Romanian Parliament.

“the military Build-up in the neighborhood with Romania, including on the Eastern flank, respectively, on the border with NATO, creates serious challenges for strategic national interests, referring to the border security of the EU and NATO and energy security and stability in the Black sea region”, — stated in the draft.

on the Eve of the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for dialogue with Russia. He noted that the Alliance “is ready to defend allies”, but with Moscow it is necessary to support the negotiations.

Commenting on the intentions of Bucharest, the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov pointed out that Romania repeats after US the platitudes about “aggressive” Russia. In this case the Romanian authorities ignore the real threat of military action from Washington.

June 7 edition of Forbes reported that in case of military conflict between Russia and NATO in the Baltic States, the Russian military will be able to win in less than 60 hours.

earlier, Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it did not intend to war with anyone and only had to strengthen the defense in response to the growing forces of NATO near the Russian borders.