the Removal of restrictions in Moscow may be premature, says virologist Andrea Crisanti. Russian experts believe the decision of the city authorities is correct.

the Number of cases in Moscow, which is every day for the last time is about 2 thousand people, is “a lot, really a lot,” said RBC Professor in the Department of molecular medicine, University of Padova virologist Andrea Crisanti.

These numbers are big, “especially for one city,” he said. “Given that we are in Italy excited, because we have [the number of cases is] a few hundred cases per day,” — said in a conversation with RBC Andrea Crisanti.

However, the Russian virologists disagreed with the statement that the removal was premature. So infectious disease physician Valery beznosenko not believe that it is too early to lift the quarantine. “It should be noted that when measures were introduced, had been unaware of the nature of the infection, the nature of assistance in hospitals, [there was] the risk of a shortage of beds in hospitals, means of individual protection in hospitals and in outpatient. Also was the extreme lack of test systems,” he explained.

According to the doctor, now Moscow has accumulated a large experience and created a great logistics database to work with the infected. “It should also be remembered that the majority of the hospitalized patients a couple of months ago was with a severe course of the disease. Now those who are detected — asymptomatic carriers, which are detected by routine testing,” added beznosenko in a conversation with RBC.

Head of the Department of infectious diseases RUDN Galina Kozhevnikova also does not consider the removal of restrictions is premature. “This [daily] the number of infected is seen in us for a long time, about a week, and increase all no, all is quiet. The withdrawal of quarantine will go gradually,” said Kozhevnikova RBC.

She added that does not expect new outbreaks of infections in the capital after the lifting of the quarantine.

“Summer, whatever it is, people interact and communicate less: children leaving, many are trying to leave the city, the density of population is less. In the winter people are indoors and in summer the fresh air is not so dangerous,” said infectious disease.

According to the operational headquarters, for the last day in Moscow revealed more than 1,5 thousand cases of 59 victims COVID-19. Sudden change in the number of new cases, according to official statistics, took place on may 20. Then the increase of patients per day has decreased by about 23% — from 3,5 thousand to 2.6 million.

For the past two weeks, the highest daily growth rate for the infected in the capital was recorded on 23 may — 3190 people. Since then, the number of registered new��x cases per day has not exceeded 3 thousand people. Within ten days from the date the operational staff recorded on average about 2.3 thousand infected. Less than 2 thousand cases a day in Moscow revealed on 3 June. According to the operational headquarters, in this day registered 1842 infected. Within five days from the moment in Moscow for a day elicited less than 2 thousand cases, however, on 8 June, the operational staff reported 2001 a new case.

the Mode of self-isolation in Moscow operated from March 30. In the capital government on 24 April cited the lack of reasons for the easing of the quarantine on may holidays due daily growth patients. Already on 30 April, Sobyanin said that after this period of limitation may be removed, but only with the positive dynamics of morbidity COVID-19. May 12, Moscow authorities allowed to resume work at the construction sites and industrial enterprises, however, ordered the citizens to wear masks and gloves in public places.

Rospotrebnadzor said on may 27 that Moscow is ready for the second phase of the lifting of the quarantine. On the same day, the city authorities announced that will allow walking to all the inhabitants of the city, but on schedule. “It is too early to cancel the withdrawal, but the time has come when we can afford regular fresh air,” — said Sobyanin. Sources RBC reported that the mayor’s office to discuss the abolition of the digital badges from 14 June. This government was going to declare on June 8th. “Of course, if the mayor will not make changes at the last minute,” said the interlocutor of RBC.

on Monday, June 8, the mayor declared the cancellation with the following day’s regime of isolation and permits, as well as the schedule of trips for citizens of all ages, including people with chronic diseases.

Italian media wrote about Crisanti as a specialist, which saved the Veneto region, one of the epicenters of the coronavirus in the country. RoviggoOggi newspaper reported that he recommended that the President of the region Luca Jaye test for coronavirus of all citizens, including people with no symptoms. The world health organization has thus recommended that the testing in that case, if the man had contact with sick COVID-19. He also wanted to create a “red zone” (closed on quarantine city) in Lombardy and Veneto.

According to Crisanti, when testing the inhabitants of the (municipality in the Padua province of the Veneto region) 3% of the population showed positive results. In 43% of them had symptoms. Subsequently Crisanti developed a “model of Veneto”, also became an honorary citizen In.

Just in Italy registered more than 235 thousand infected. According to the Department of civil protection of the country on 8 June, the day registered 280 new cases of infection. In the country for all time the epidemic killed more than 33 thousand people with COVID-19. Restrictions in the country have started to withdraw on may 4, when citizens, in particular, was allowed to move freely in the respective regions. Most of the measures related COVID-19, Italy abolished from may 18, the requirement of mandatory quarantine for visitors from the EU in the country was canceled on June 3.