Tamara Francesconi and ed Westwick

the 33-year-old ed Westwick and his girlfriend, 23-year-old model Tamara Francesconi, rest in Europe and sharing romantic photos. The star of “Gossip girl” with his girlfriend decided to spend your holidays in Italy. Actor published photos taken on a luxury yacht and against the backdrop of local attractions.

Tamara, which began to meet with ed last fall, showed some stylish outfits, starting with cream and ending in a tiny corset dress with print in the form of works of art of the Renaissance.

a Source told The Sun that Tamara has managed to find a common language with the family of the actor.

They are deep in love, and ed proudly tells everyone that Tamara is his girlfriend. His friends and family all approve of his choice and confident that they are perfect each other

says the insider.

She works with a modeling Agency, The Circle, participates in photo shoots (mainly advertise clothes on instagram) and blogging — it has 191 thousand followers.