“Kommersant Style” notes the increased activity in the market of skin care ampoule in the category of vehicles and talks about what they are interesting.”Ampoule is the only container that can 100% maintain the properties of vitamin C,” says INMA Carreras, international Director MartiDerm, answering our question about the need to use ampouled form in cosmetics. Among other advantages of this seemingly fragile and awkward packaging, it indicates a small amount of substance (2 ml), which is placed in the vial is good because many formulas quickly disintegrate under the influence of sunlight and when in contact with air. So I used the thrown away, which, of course, impossible in the usual jars for creams. “Also inside the ampoules there is no oxygen, but have nitrogen, which ensures the absence of oxidation,” says INMA.As they are combined with other means of skin care? Elena Pasternak, doctor-dermatologist, the speaker of the company Sesderma believes that because ampoule is a concentrated drug in Montazah, it “is commonly used as a serum, but it requires overlapping of other tools and enhances their effect, she says. The frequency of their use is always individual, and, importantly, it coursework. Mostly recommend the use of ampoules with a course from two weeks to three months.”That is still important to know if you decide to begin to use tools in the ampoule: to open them just before use, and keep better closed (often brand themselves put in the kit than you can plug the already open vials), in a cool place and away from sunlight.Irina Kirienko